Mindfulness for Stress Release

A Mindful path out of Lockdown - release the stress of the last year in 4 weeks


This 'Mindfulness for Stress Release' introductory course is the perfect way to undo the stress, anxiety and low mood of the last 12 months, so that you can start the Summer feeling lighter and happier.


Over 4 1-hour zoom sessions, in a group of up to 24, you will learn easy breathing techniques and science of how the brain works in terms of thoughts, moods and behaviour, to help you undo the fear, sadness and anger of the last year.


Over the 4 weeks in a safe and private environment, you will learn:

The disadvantages of operating on auto-pilot and the benefits of increasing presence
How to relate to your thoughts effectively so you can thrive
How to stop judging yourself, and accept things so you can feel happy
How to deal efficiently with difficulties at school and in your personal life as they arise.


After the 4 weeks you will be able to:
Reduce daily stress and anxiety, and focus on positive factors in your life
Manage and prevent low mood and negativity
Move forward with less unhelpful 'baggage' from the pandemic.

Your trainer, Anna Wille, was previously a primary school teacher and has taught Mindfulness to over 5000 children and adults.

Get to know your trainer with an introduction video here


Aimed at: Teachers at any stage of their career 

Session 1: Monday 14th June 2021
Session 2: Monday 21st June 2021
Session 3: Monday 28th June2021
Session 4: Monday 05th July 2021

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Venue: Online


Cost: £80 per person.

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