ECF Programme

Introducing September 2021 Early Career Framework 

Early Career Framework

From September 2021, it will become a statutory requirement for all schools to offer, and all Early Career Teachers to undertake, a two-year induction based on the ECF. Wandle Teaching School Hub will provide a funded provider led service in partnership with UCL.

This will include:

  • Two years of, funded training for Early Career 
  • Freely available high quality development materials based on the Early Career Framework
  • A dedicated mentor training programme

Early Career Framework and Appropriate Body Briefings

We are running a series of briefings about the Early Career Framework programme which will be delivered through our chosen provider UCL.

These sessions are an opportunity for partners, head teachers, induction coordinators and Early Career Teacher mentors who and want to find out more about our ECF programme and then implications of delivery for schools. We will share the programme plans and details followed by a Q&A to cover any queries you have about this new DfE statutory requirement.

We hope to see you at one of these events.

ECF Briefing Timetable

30th June 2021 ; 4pm ECF Briefing Open to All Book here

ECF Induction Lead Training

Induction Leads will play a key role in the delivery of the new ECF programme and they will be the key contact for your Appropriate Body to liaise with.

To support your Induction Lead in this new role, book the link below: 

16th September 2021; 4pm-6pm Book here

  • Part One: 4pm-5pm of each Induction Session will focus on the ECF Role
  • Part Two: 5pm-6pm will focus on the Appropriate Body Role

Part Two is only for those who are using Wandle TSH as their Appropriate Body 

Mentor Training 

If your school has signed up for the ECF training with Wandle then please ask your mentors to sign up to one of each of the mentor sessions below.  

Mentors only need to attend one ‘Role of the mentor’ session and one ‘Mentoring values session’.  

15th July 2021- Mentoring values; 4pm-4:45pm Book here

7th September 2021 - Role of mentor; 4pm - 4:45pm Book here

9th September 2021 - Mentoring values; 4pm - 4:45pm Book here

These mentor training sessions are designed for mentors who will be supporting ECTs (Early Career Teachers) beginning in September 2021.

The sessions contain training provided by UCL alongside an opportunity to unpick the learning with session guides. There will be an expectation that mentors will have completed the pre-session reading before attending and this will be emailed to participants at least a week in advance of the session.   

If you you have attended an ECF briefing and would like to see a copy of the presentation - please download it here

Please click here to access our Role of Mentor presentation 

Please click here to access our Mentoring Values presentation 

Please click here to access our ECF Induction Lead briefing presentation

If you are a school senior leader and are interested in taking part in our full induction programme with UCL follow this link

Click here to listen to the DfE's 7 minute Introduction to the 'Manage training for early career teachers service' mp4 recording

To find out more about our Appropriate Body service, click here