The Great Learner Project

Key Aims:

· To support both primary & secondary teachers & school communities in their sustained development of great learners in the staffroom & classroom.

· To focus specifically on the skills & dispositions of great learners, including metacognition, risk-taking, critical thinking, ‘struggling well’, questioning & enquiry, memory, mindfulness & wellbeing.

GLP Outline:

The project will last one year and will include 4 days of input from Will Ord. The input will be very practical & interactive in nature, and will draw on sound research & evidence (Hattie, Dweck, Nuthall & others). A minimum of three members of staff (including at least one member of SLT) will attend the four training days & aim to implement (self-selected & appealing!) ideas in their respective schools.


Wed 12th January 2022.

Wed 16th March 2022.

Wed 8th June 2022.

Tue 5th July 2022

Day 1: Introduction to the ‘Great Learner Project’. Why focus on great learners? What are the skills & dispositions of great learners? How can we develop them sustainably, enjoyably & efficiently as a school community? Particular emphasis on metacognition, memory, and staff collaboration.

Day 2: Introduction to Philosophy for Children (P4C) as a helpful pedagogy for building independent learners, resilience, and meeting the needs of the national curriculum.

Day 3: ‘Inner Education’: How can we support staff & pupils in dealing with the pressures of everyday life? What is wellbeing & how can mindfulness help both staff and pupils? A very practical & interactive day.

Day 4: Impact Day. Sharing & celebration of good GLP practice, and planning of next steps for sustained development beyond the project.

Project Trainer: Will Ord, Director of Thinking Education Ltd.

Will Ord is an internationally known teacher trainer who has worked with thousands of schools in 25 countries over 20 years. More information on:

Aimed at: 
EYFS, KS1 and KS2 staff - Teachers and Leaders 

Invites 3 teachers from each participating school


Wed 12th January 2022

Wed 16th March 2022

Wed 8th June 2022

Tue 5th July 2022

Time: 09:00 – 16:00

Cost: £600

Venue: Chesterton Primary School, Dagnall Street, London, SW11 5DT

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