Wandle Leading Teachers

Ciara Duffy


Teaching in a multi-cultural and challenging area of London has given me the opportunity to work with many children from different backgrounds and abilities which has resulted in me planning lessons to suit my learners. Maths, in particular, is a passion which motivates and excites me — this in turn motivates the learners I teach.

There are many ways in which maths can be incorporated throughout the curriculum to enhance life skills and understanding of the world. Over the past three years, working in year 6 has enabled me to develop and improve learning aims/lessons for each cohort, which has resulted in the children enjoying lessons and as a result increase in maths attainment, each year.

I feel passionate about children enjoying learning maths concepts and being able to develop strategies to enhance their learning and independence with fluency, problem solving and reasoning. It is an area that I have enjoyed leading for the past three years and feel excited about the maths developments which are being made to support and encourage children to love maths.

I love a challenge and leading maths certainly presents testing situations for both teachers and pupils. However, I believe I work extremely hard to support my colleagues and motivate them to apply what we have learned from the new curriculum and research of mastery documents and resources available to us. It is extremely rewarding at the end of the year to evaluate how far we have come and to celebrate progress.