Specialist Leaders in Education

Ed Ming


Currently at Hunton Church of England Primary School. Mathematics Leader | Assistant Headteacher | Year 5/6 Class Teacher

Having worked as a Year 4 teacher in a school in Mitcham, London, I moved to a rural school in Kent and taught Year 3/4. My introduction to teaching for mastery started in early 2015, whereby I attended a number of mastery courses. This included training and being appointed as a Professional Development Lead through the National Teaching College for Excellence in Mathematics.

I subsequently ensured that a mastery approach to teaching and learning was introduced and embedded across my whole school, before aiding neighbouring schools in a collaboration to improve the standards of Mathematics. I was also invited to demonstrate the mastery practise of our school at a Kent County Council Mathematics conference. Currently, I am teaching a Year 1/ 2 class and have recently been appointed SLE by the WTSA.

I can provide support with

  • Planning for mastery in Primary Mathematics (Years 1-6)
  • Microscopic progression steps
  • Planning sequential lesson steps
  • Support for coordinators
  • Support for NQTs/RQTs
  • Medium term planning
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Singapore Bar Model