Wandle Leading Teachers

Jessica Townend

English and Mathematics

I have been teaching for five years across both KS1 and KS2. St George’s is the second school I have taught in during my teaching career and I have been here for three years. Having gained experience in KS2, I began to transition into KS1 and I am now KS1 Leader. This is a career move which I have thoroughly enjoyed and has been a fantastic step into leadership.

I have taught in Year 2 for one year; during this time I have mentored two Schools Direct students. It has been a privilege to be able to help new teachers begin their teaching careers and I have enjoyed providing them with support. I am the RE coordinator and have led training and development across both data and assessment. Last year, we had a SIAMs church inspection which I was involved in alongside the Headteacher. We received ‘Outstanding’ in all areas.

I am extremely passionate about my job as a teacher. I am always striving to improve my practice for the benefit of the children. I feel challenges are an important part of learning, both for teachers and children. The children are my main motivation, particularly within the current context I work in, where education extends beyond what is learnt in the classroom. Building relationships with children enables strong behaviour management in order to create a culture where children develop a love of learning and want to be the best versions of themselves.

My greatest accomplishments are when children overcome a challenge they previously thought impossible after having developed their skills — the smile on their faces is the reason I love this job.