Wandle Leading Teachers

Mairead Gibbons


Over the past six years at Saint Cecilia’s, I have worked hard to establish myself as a key member of the English department. I am passionate about education and believe that all pupils and students should have the opportunity to excel and achieve.

I love teaching English and I believe that I can get pupils to engage and participate in learning, even if they have previously had negative thoughts about the subject.

I have set up a new English department scheme called ‘Vocab of the Week’. Each week we have five words that are stuck up in every English classroom. Pupils are encouraged to use these in all subjects and will get positive behaviour points if they use them correctly.

As a teacher of PSHE too, I organised a charity run, in 2016, for the mental health charity ‘Mind’; this was to raise awareness of mental health throughout the school and we managed to raise over £2,000 for the charity. More recently, I organised ‘The Little Sleep Out’; this was linked to the Year 7 Scheme of Work on homelessness. Year 7 and Sixth Form camped out on the playground and we managed to raise over £4,000 for ‘Crisis at Christmas’.

As EAL Coordinator, I regularly track and monitor the progress of all the EAL pupils and students. I have created an induction pack for new arrivals, as well as starting up the Buddy Mentor and Literacy Ambassador Scheme. The Literacy Ambassadors are usually pupils and students who are high attainers in English, or are studying English literature at A-level. The Ambassadors meet with EAL pupils, or pupils who may be struggling with English and communication skills, and partake in literacy based activities with these pupils.