Specialist Leaders in Education

Priya Rawal


Throughout the past eight years, I have taught in some capacity throughout both key stages however my expertise lies with Key Stage 2.

Starting in a two-form entry school in Surrey, I moved to inner London two years into my career. Within this school, I first took on the role of Maths Lead and was instrumental in changing the entire teaching programme, assessment systems and teaching and learning practises. It was during this time that I also took on the role as a Leading Teaching for Wandsworth borough. Teachers from within the borough would come to visit and observe my practise.

Most recently I have moved to Chesterton Primary (a teaching school and base of the South West London Maths Hub) where I lead Maths and also lead a Maths Hub project. Throughout my career, I have had experience of working in different school environments. Within my previous school, they were going through an extremely difficult transition period.

The entire Maths curriculum, assessments and practices had to be updated and improved rapidly in a very short period. It was my responsibility to do this in a manner which engaged, encouraged and motivated the staff- a skill which I feel I can now bring to other schools. Most recently I have had an immense amount of experience of building up the 'mastery' system of teaching within my current school and creating resources through the Maths Hub to support other schools