National Leaders of Education

Sarah Collymore

Headteacher Mentoring, Pupil Premium Reviews, System Leadership, Support for Schools in RI/Inadequate

Sarah Collymore has worked in education for the last fifteen years. She has worked in the North East of England and in South London. Sarah has taught in all phases of primary education and has worked as a Deputy Head, Head of School and Headteacher. Her current school is rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted and is a training centre for Talk4Writing and Sounds-Write Phonics. It provides school improvement training to schools across the UK.

Since the school was designated as a National Support School in 2010, Sarah has been deployed to other schools locally and further afield, supporting schools to move from inadequate/RI to good. Sarah's school is one of the most deprived in South London with FSM over 50% and EAL over 60%. Sarah is rooted in teaching and learning and is determined to provide the best possible education and school experience for all of her pupils. Sarah believes that primary schools are at their most effective when there is a clear, simple vision for teaching and learning which is well led and communicated by leaders at all levels. She is passionate about transforming the lives of young people through education.