The Role of the Line Manager

The Role of the Line Manager

Effective learning experiences arise when teachers are supported by respected colleagues.

The relationship between participant and Line-Manage / Mentor is very much a collaborative one and has been designed to align to the typical cycle of line manager activity within a school. In this respect the programme has been designed to add as little additional workload as possible onto colleagues whilst maintaining the high professional standards we work within.

Line Managers / Mentors need to be credible leaders of learning, modelling, monitoring and communicating with colleagues, building trust and responding to individual needs.


Specialist Programmes: Three meetings over three terms for colleagues on NPQLT / NPQLTD / NPQLBC.

Leadership Programmes: Four meetings over four terms for colleagues on NPQSL / NPQH.

Handbook outlines a suggested agenda for the meetings.

  • Contracting
  • Check-in
  • Reflection
  • Target setting

Some minor administration activity in partnership with your local delivery partner.

In Line manager meetings:

Check that NPQ participant is working on:

  • Implementation project
  • Formative assessment tasks
  • Filling in Personal Learning journals
  • Attending training – 90% to pass
  • Complete the line manager google document to confirm that you have met and discussed these things.

Google document for November cohort: Please click here

See the line manager handbook here